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A Comprehensive Approach to Your Child’s Health

B-Vitals is a digital health company that embeds a child’s behavioral health into the standard pediatrician visit. 

Behavioral Health is Part of a Child’s Total Health


B-Vitals  functions like a digital lab test that helps doctors quickly identify a child’s behavioral health vital signs, monitor problem behaviors, and recommend treatment options.

This early identification technology not only alerts doctors and parents to behavior concerns before they become serious, but empowers parents with knowledge to help children in their home and academic environments.


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How it works

How It Works

1. Parent Form

A one-stop-shop questionnaire completed before the appointment at home

2. Clinician Report

The doctor receives easy-to-interpret results highlighting any areas that require follow-up

3. Action Plan

The doctor gives the parent actionable recommendations 

Mental Health in Kids Should be Part of Their Total Health Treatment

The changes in environment, society, and technology affect the experience of growing up today in ways we could not have imagined decades ago, and their impact on a child’s mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being needs to be addressed as early as possible.

B-Vitals provides a comprehensive work-up of a child’s behavioral health, and offers recommendations for treatment.

Mental Health

That's where B-Vitals comes in.

Early intervention for mental health and behavioral challenges.

As part of the regular doctor visit.

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