About Us

B-Vitals    is designed to be an


indispensable part of pediatric diagnosis by providing early identification of behavioral health problems and offering evidenced-based recommendations for the treating provider, child, and family.

Our Developers

psychologists who are passionate about helping children and their families.


The developers have worked with thousands of children and their families during their careers. Through their experience with numerous pediatricians, they learned that there was no single, user-friendly, comprehensive assessment that could quickly provide pediatricians with a behavioral health history of the child.


The developers created an assessment to help doctors as well as parents. B-Vitals




was developed by

is designed to identify behavioral and emotional issues early so that interventions could occur before problems become serious and long lasting.

Our Assessment



is easy to complete and should

take no more than 20 minutes. Completed on a computer or tablet, parents are asked general questions in ten areas of a child’s life. Depending upon the parent’s response, more specific questions are presented to be answered by the parent. Once completed, the test is immediately scored and a report is sent to the doctor. The doctor will review the report with the parent. A copy of a report with the recommendations is also given to the parent.

The New Standard of Pediatric Behavioral Health Assessment

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