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Frequently asked questions

Why is there a need for behavioral health assessments?

A behavioral health assessment complies with AAP recommendations and provides a complete picture of a child’s overall emotional health.

How do I integrate B-Vitals© into my practice?

B-Vitals© can integrate with your existing EMR system and/or can be used as a standalone assessment tool. B-Vitals© can be linked to your Facebook page or website.

Why is early identification of behavioral health problems important?

Early identification of behavioral health problems can help prevent them from becoming more serious later in life. B-Vitals© facilitates dialogue between you and the parent about important behavioral issues.

Does insurance pay for B-Vitals©?

Most insurance plans reimburse for a behavioral assessment. For those insurance plans that do not reimburse, our market research indicates that most parents are willing to pay a nominal fee of $25 for this information.

Do I have to chart everything?

B-Vitals© is designed to minimize physician time. The only charting you will need to do is to note that B-Vitals© was administered, reviewed with the parent, and that recommendations were provided. The report will be provided and can be integrated into your EMR.

Are the results accurate?

The results are based on the information that the parent has identified as areas of concern. If the information is unreliable, then the results of the assessment may be questionable.

Can I trust the recommendations?

All of the recommendations are evidence-based.

Who makes the diagnosis?

All diagnoses are made by the healthcare professional. B-Vitals© provides information to make a more informed diagnostic decision.

Do the doctors require additional training?

No. A manual is provided to the doctor with descriptions of the behavioral areas assessed. Reports are easy to read and contain graphs for quick interpretation.

What additional tasks are there for my staff?

At appointment confirmation, staff will remind parents to complete the B-Vitals© assessment. Staff also retrieves reports for doctors to review with parents. Staff insures proper billing codes are used.

Does staff require additional training?

No. B-Vitals© is designed to minimize staff time and training.

How are parents reminded to complete B-Vitals©?

When parents are reminded of their appointment, they are asked to complete B-Vitals© before the visit.

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