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The world is rampant with violence, bullying, and aggression. These behaviors are often the result of underlying emotional conflicts. 


What is B-Vitals

Gathers comprehensive behavioral health information for children 4-18 in a single test

Distinguishes between parental concerns from diagnosable problems

Is completed by parents prior to the pediatric office visit on an iPad or tablet

Gives evidenced based recommendations to help both child and family

Provides the doctor with the child’s behavioral health history across ten domains

Can be administered annually and allows for follow-up to monitor progress as needed

Benefits for Healthcare Professionals
Here What One of Our Doctors Says About B-Vitals

Dear B-Vitals Team,

B-Vitals has been invaluable in identifying behavioral and mental health issues and providing helpful recommendations to my pediatric patients.  I first used B-Vitals in rural Kentucky and more recently in south Florida.  Wait times for a mental health specialist appointment in both areas are several weeks to months due to limited resources.  With B-Vitals, I provide my patients with helpful recommendations until a mental health specialist is seen.

One example of the value of using B-Vitals is the case of a 9-year-old boy who came in for a routine school physical.  During his exam, he was noted to have deep scratches to his face and cheek.  When questioned, his mother stated he had problems with hurting himself.   Due to this information, B-Vitals was administered.  His assessment revealed trauma, bullying and rape/molestation.  Upon interview, he then shared how he was abused by a male neighbor, something his mother was unaware of.  Because of the B-Vitals assessment, immediate help was provided. By identifying this trauma, I was able to provide early appropriate intervention.


Thank you for creating this valuable and needed assessment for pediatric care.



Terry Lister, DO, FAAP

Here is what Dr. Krieger has to say...
Benefits for Your Practice


Like a lab test, the doctor can quickly identify problem behaviors and other behavioral health vital signs.   All done with minimal time involvement.

  • Minimal practitioner time and staff involvement

  • Completed by parent prior to office visit

  • Immediate results

  • Ranks severity of problems

  • Provides recommendations to doctors to give parents for home use

  • Integrates with Electronic Medical Records

  • Low cost and reimbursable

  • Generates additional income

Benefits to the Doctor


  • Reduces documentation burden

  • Manages risk and complies with AAP recommendations for assessment

  • Identifies children at risk quickly

  • Provides evidenced-based treatment recommendations

  • Monitors and tracks behavioral improvement

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