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The world is rampant with violence, bullying, and aggression. These behaviors are often the result of underlying emotional conflicts. 



Assesses all areas of a child’s development in a simple questionnaire by computer or iPad/tablet

Identifies potential behavioral health problems early

Is completed by parents prior to the pediatric office visit

Gives evidenced-based recommendations to help both child and family

Provides the doctor with the child’s behavioral health history

Allows for follow-up to monitor progress

What is B-Vitals
Benefits for Parents


Since today’s child faces a world of emotional turmoil, it is important to be able to identify problems before they become more serious.  B-Vitals    helps you recognize these problems and provides recommendations to help. 

Unchecked behavioral issues lead to more serious emotional problems later on.

How B-Vitals

B-Vitals   is accessed over the Internet.  Prior to seeing the doctor, parents complete an initial assessment that compiles the behavioral health history and establishes a baseline for the child’s behaviors. 


The pediatrician is given an immediate report that identifies problem behaviors, as well as other behavioral health vital signs.  Suggested recommendations are provided for the pediatrician to review with the parent. 

A report is provided to the parent as well.   

Why We Developed B-Vitals  


B-Vitals    was developed by psychologists who are passionate about helping children and their families.  Having worked with thousands of children, they recognized that problems could be identified earlier in a pediatricians’ office. 


B-Vitals    was created for doctors to identify and treat problems before they become serious.

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The New Standard of Pediatric Behavioral Health Assessment

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