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  • Why is there a need for behavioral health assessments?
    By completing B-Vitals©, you help your doctor have a better understanding of your child’s emotional and behavioral concerns. When identifying problems early, you can fix them before they become more serious.
  • Why should the doctor know all of this information?
    Emotional issues frequently present themselves as physical symptoms. Your doctor might not find a physical cause and may not be able to offer proper treatment. B-Vitals© will help your doctor quickly assess your child and offer recommendations.
  • What if I don’t follow the recommendations the doctor gives me?
    Following the provided recommendations will help you resolve your child’s problems. If this is unsuccessful, ask your doctor for a referral to a professional who can help you.
  • How do I get more recommendations?
    Additional information and recommendations can be accessed from the "For Families" section at
  • Can I complete B-Vitals© without my doctor knowing?
    Not at this time. B-Vitals© was designed to be a collaborative relationship between you and your doctor in order to help your child.
  • Will B-Vitals© label my child?
    B-Vitals© does not provide any diagnosis or labels for your child. It only provides descriptive information based on your answers.
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